Less is More

Trotting off today to find the single Lesser Emperor in Worcestershire I did wonder when I saw the River Severn and the lakes with vast amounts of water if it really was a no go, however there's always a bloke with a camera to ask in situations like this. 

The first British record of the Lesser Emperor Dragonfly was recorded in 1996 and it is slowly spreading with sightings throughout England with 90 in 2006.

Not only did I manage to see it, I saw it mating AND got it on camera which is proof if proof were needed of it breeding here. It's the only hawker which lays it's eggs in tandem as seen here. This sighting has to go to the County Recorder in a minute.

It's slightly smaller than the Emperor Dragonfly and was continually being bullied and driven away but it kept sneaking back briefly to the water's edge which I was chuffed to see. 

The elusive little chap in the Extra

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