By Philiphoto

By far the most difficult bit...

... about photographing wildlife, is identifying the creatures accurately.

This was quite a co-operative hover-fly but it didn't carry a label telling me what sort of hover-fly.

Consulting books and online sites, I have more-or-less decided that this might, just possibly, be a Marmalade Hover-fly. But, as usual, I am open to correction on this part of the process. Let me know what you know.

Meanwhile, Adobe has been at it again, just when it seemed that PS and LR were working almost correctly again.

Today, as I attempted to open Lightroom, the computer flashed up a message to upload yet another 'latest version. What followed was an upload of  Lightroom. This was accompanied by a message that my annual contract was due for renewal. I know this normally happens in July so I duly set about a contract of monthly payments for the following year. 

That completed, I set about sorting today's upload. Then another message flashed up to say I couldn't have two contracts with them (did I ask them for that ?) My previous contract is due to renew at the end of July - so why send me the earlier message? 

I couldn't face trying to sort this out today - verily a job for tomorrow morning. I am getting very tired of the whole business. All I really want is Lightroom to continue to organise my catalogue and provide elementary processing. I used to manage without full photoshop and used Elements for any bits of real editing.

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