Young Spotted Towhee - I Think

Took a walk at Whatcom Falls Park today. I didn't really expect to see the owls so I wasn't disappointed when I didn't. There were many more people in the park today and lots of them didn't have masks. Many of those were social distancing so that was good. But I wish everybody would wear masks like they are supposed to. Instead of badgering those without, I took to thanking people who were wearing them. That felt good.

Our family zoom turned out to be just my son Jason and his lady Elke and Shelly and me. That actually worked well since it's Jason's birthday today. So we got an opportunity to spend time just with him and Elke. They are enjoying a few days off at a wonderful place in the Hamptons in New York. It's in a remote place so they are enjoying peace and quiet together. Perfect way for Jason to spend his birthday. He's 51 today. My little kid... :)

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