By mollymay49

What a difference a day makes..

We called in to see our Daughter Sara on the way home from an appointment  this afternoon, she was missing Koen who for the fist time during school holidays he has gone to stay in Bindoon with two mates, one of his mates Father has a property there, Koen is now flying his wings, but he is a good kid i am sure he will come home glad of his freedom for 3 days, but be glad to be back home in his own bed, bless.
Also on the way home, we saw the dark clouds gathering tonight, we drove down to the Marina to see them rolling in, what a difference form this blue skies just a day or so ago, still it is Winter we need the rain.
Glyn is pleased with his new hearing aids he is trialing at the moment, the appointment went well this afternoon at the audiologist after a very stressful morning for him, the unknown can be worse sometimes just thinking about it. 

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