Pictorial blethers

By blethers


I was intending to inflict another of my mad selfies on Blipfoto this evening, but to be honest the one I succeeded in taking was less successful than I thought at first - I think because getting everyone in round a slightly-socially-distanced table took me so long that Mr PB's expression was less than cheery. But here is my lovely blip friend Elspeth  with Jim at one of our favourite vantage points at the top of Benmore Gardens, where we met for lunch after they'd had a traumatic and then simply trying drive over the Rest and Be Thankful. The rain came and went, but we didn't really seem to get wet and in between the blinks of brightness it was somehow ethereal, the air warm and still and the midges just lurking on the fringes. We talked non-stop ( I suspect I'm guilty) and found much to share.

I love the possibilities Blip throws up of meeting like minds - though I know that I have contacts in faraway places that I'm probably past visiting. We must do it again.

On the tooth/gum front: I'm ploughing on with the antibiotics and have set up a visit to my own dentist at the end of the week to see if they've worked. Apparently it's the lack of PPE that's holding dentists in this mediaeval straight-jacket. Seems a tad unwise ...

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