By Ridgeback13


Woke after a better night to bright sunshine - typical just as I need to spend the day indoors at work again! 
All went fairly smoothly although hard to get my head back into gear quickly enough. Amazing how out of touch a week away can make you feel!
T left to stay with S,M&Z for a few days so Kt and I have the place to ourselves. Luckily Heston is here to look after us - although he spent a lot of the day snoozing on the sofa!
By the end of the day when I'd planned to go out for a walk the weather had deteriorated and it rained and was windy most of the evening...when will the summer return?!
Brief call in to book group before dinner. Nice to see everyone even if I hadn't read the book (Huckleberry Finn). Caught up with some emails afterwards with half an eye on the new series 'Stateless' on Netflix.

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