By Paladian

Hits and Misses

It's my 8th year blip day.  I had such plans.  First of all, we went down the hill this morning, and there was a very rare sea fog covering the Adelaide plains, whereas we were above the fog line and in bright sunshine.  Because we were on our way to an appointment I thought I could get a shot on the way home.  Of course the light had changed, and the proposed shot was stuffed.  That's in extras # 1.

Then I thought I would go to a favourite spot in the park where there's ALWAYS climbing sundews at this time of year.  Got up there, and not a sundew to be seen.  In fact  the flora had changed incredibly since I was up there last, so I only got a grevillea - which is really pretty but not what I was looking for.  See Extra # 2.  OK - so there's also a spot where there's ALWAYS some spectacular blue fungi.  Not this year.  All I got was a clump of fairly ordinary orange fungi - see extra # 3.

My very first blip 8 years ago was of our gorgeous Raj.  Here he is to help celebrate this special day.  Nothing like going back to the beginning.

Thanks as always to everyone for everything - you are so much better at this sort of thing than I am.

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