Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

Healthy eating

everything salad
trying to change my habits
getting help for it

I have made an appointment with a nutritionist to get help losing the excess weight - about 15 kg. It's next Wednesday. Until then, I have to write down everything I eat, so she can analyse my eating habits and help me balance my diet better.

That's the good news. In less good news, a friend of mine (he's 45) in Dallas, Texas has been admitted to the hospital. He knew he had COVID-19 and had been isolating from his partner in their house since he learnt about it, but his state deteriorated suddenly on Saturday night and he had to be hospitalised. His O2 saturation is down to 90. He has asthma and is a bit overweight. Fingers crossed that the remdesivir they've put him on does the trick of making him better soon.

For those of you who are curious about it the salad contains cucumber, fresh tomatoes, dried tomatoes, sweetcorn, surimi, granny smith apples, sunflower oil and sesame oil

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