... a blip opportunity simply comes as a gift. This was one of those moments. 

I was in town early,with camera at the ready, taking the odd photo of people wearing (or not actually using) face masks, with a view to illustrating the Government's latest pronouncement on the subject of wearing face masks in shops.

This lady came to sit on the bench a short distance from where I was standing. So I took a quick photo and was about the move on when I spotted her opening her newspaper. A gift!

Time to go home and get on with other things. At 11am, I had today's photos imported into Lightroom and started a bit of editing. At 11:20, LR stopped working and then totally disappeared from the computer. 

For the next 90+ minutes, I was on to the Adobe messaging help service. Occasionally I left the computer to talk to itself, whilst I made a sandwich for lunch to eat whilst typing.

The person at the other end was especially patient and helpful, but the whole process was slow and painful. I do appear to have everything restored again. I will now have to wait and see what problems occur when it is time to renew my annual contract (in about 5 weeks time). It used to be so easy when you bought a disk and installed the software. If anything went wrong, or you got a new computer, you could re-install it....

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