Life through the lens...

By ValC

Old and new

Another very enjoyable walk with the BPW's ( minus bus) around St Ives, Bingley.
This time a different route was taken, and one which passed Cuckoo Nest, Harden.
Although everyone knows this area like the back of their hand, this path was new to us. I find the history of the whole area fascinating, and these two buildings especially.
The top photo is of the beautiful newly built wall and entrance to the now restored old Hunting Dog Kennels built in 1857,
The front must have a stunning view, and lovely to have a peep at what looks like a lovely terrace.
The second photo is the pigeon loft and wall of the end cottage at Cuckoo Nest just a little further down the path.
This one as it was when it was first built, originally as the gamekeepers house, and then converted into cottages for the estate workers.

As usual we finished up at The Cafe for coffee and bacon sandwiches.
Lovely to meet up with everyone again.
Look forward to next week when we are going up onto the moor.

On the way home we called to see my sister and BIL. Haven't seen them in person since February.
Enjoyed spending a few hours catching up, and there was certainly a lot to catch up to do.
First thing we noticed was the new car in the garage!

Now we are out of lockdown the weeks are going faster than ever.
Just waiting for summer to week?

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