By Dakers

Sunset Today Same As Yesterday

Another busy day, where I seem to have been fully occupied from 5:00 am when I jumped out of bed with alacrity.

Since then it has been one event after another. A great deal of it was to do with "technology" and upgrading various communication systems.

I switched off BT Broadband today for what I hope will be the final time. The 4gEE router is proving to be a great success.

Another day for lunch in the garden, although there is still a "chilling edge" to the wind from the west.

Today’s Bliofoto was actually taken yesterday at 8:10 p.m. but I expect a very similar sunset today.

The highlight of today was a trip to the Bottlebank at Tayport by way of a trip along the South Bank of the Tay.

Even the Shielded can take a car trip, and we have face masks and hand sanitiser made by Persie Gin who Pat has appointed as her "Supplier of Gin and Tonic".

I have to admit it is really rather tasty, after a long drive to the Bottle Bank. 

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