By Ridgeback13


AR asked if she could wear a mask and so she and Mx have some now. Mx more interested in his pirate hat (extra), but both of them still keen to play the chasing round the garden game and locking me in prison for numbers of seconds or years before starting all over again...all whilst screaming excitedly!
Popped round to see them after I’d finished another day back on video calls and trying to reduce my email and ToDo list. Useful chat to TK planning a session in a couple of weeks and helpful reflection on team dynamics/impact of online format for meetings too.
Kt had had a bit of a scary time with Heston on his walk...he’d jumped in the river but couldn’t get back out as the bank was too steep and she couldn’t reach him. Luckily he eventually scrambled out....but he needed a lot of sofa time to recover!

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