By spannarama

Slim pickings

This is the sum total of what I found on the Thames foreshore yesterday. At least there's not too much cleaning to do! (Though that didn't stop me just leaving everything 'to soak' all day and night!)

Had a good day - nice and relaxing again. Changed the bed this morning and sat out in the garden this afternoon to proofread my friend's novel. I'm enjoying doing it, but it's taking me so long! I'm not the fastest reader anyway, and when I'm stopping every few words to correct the tense or swap a comma for a semi-colon, I'm a hell of a lot slower.

Tim called the guy who was due to give us a quote for our windows, and got him back on the case (he'd completely forgotten what with the pandemic, lockdown, etc). Not your typical holiday, but it is nice to have the time to get these bits and pieces sorted.

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