Out and About

By Puffin

Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep

The garden birds have been very much more successful as parents than last year. These two are wagtails. They chase their parents round our patio loudly demanding food. 

We can hear the baby swallows in the nest we bought. Can't wait to see them appear. 

Day 117
85 deaths taking us over 45,000 up yo 45,053. 
Lots of online news articles of British holidaymakers in Majorca completely ignoring the  requirement to wear face coverings and social distance, showing the British at their worst although it appears the Germans were as bad. Makes you wonder why the Spanish invited us in. 

Brother and Sis in law are in the Kirklees Council area  near Huddersfield that is having to take "special measures" to avoid a local lock down.. We are not expecting them here until the 28th . We are keeping our fingers crossed.

Listened to an interesting radio interview (in the middle of the night when I can't sleep) with a hospital nurse in Uganda saying that although they have the virus they are not getting the masses of hospital admissions. Having experienced Ebola she was terrified of Covid 19 but her fears have not been born out. She says they live mainly outdoors, they have a young age profile and they eat organic food and they have lived through Ebola. They have very few Covid #19 cases on the world o meter chart and you might think this is under reporting . She says they may be under reporting cases but they are not under reporting deaths. She says the hospitals are ready for admissions but the people are not arriving. It's not the same in South Africa though which is by far the worst affected country in Africa

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