David J. Rose

By djrose007

Cars and Jigsaws

Buddy is following in the footsteps of bigger brother Hendrix, he loves playing with cars. Not quite got the hang of the car lift on the garage yet and keeps removing the road, that goes between the 2nd and 1st level, so that the cars go shooting out like some sort of disaster movie. I want to glue it in but he's still not big enough to reach to the far side and tries to climb on it so it would break pretty quickly. Better to fall off than break off if glued.
Hendrix, in the meantime, has taken to doing wooden jigsaws. There is one that when you put the animals into the shape the animals noise is heard. When he's doing that one there is a string of Moo Moo's, Baa Baa's, Neigh Neigh's, Woof Woof's, Oink Oink's, Cock-a-doodle-do's, and Quack Quack's. Sometimes, as in the photo, he picks out two of the animals and plays with them. They have interesting conversations and get along very well considering they are different species.

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