By ferryoons

We seem to have broken it

After a year's wait, much conservation paperwork and months of lockdown, our restoration of a Georgian house has finally started. 

Phase 1 is known as "ripping out", when you tear out the ancient oil-fired boiler, broken MDF kitchen, damaged plasterboard, dodgy plumbing and frankly dangerous wiring, and the other bodges inflicted by previous owners. Oh, the things you find!

For one thing the house is officially listed as c.1790. We have now realised it has its roots in a much older agricultural building, possibly mid-1700s, before being Georgianised with false symmetry.

Yesterday was mayhem, smashed plasterboard and broken timber everywhere, and masks required to combat the dust. We said to the builder, "oh no, you've broken it". Today all was calm, and we could size things up properly.

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