Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

A down day

Not depressed, just not 100%, I woke up with the thought of going walking in the national park, give me an hour I thought. But the visitors wanted to be off and we didn't go along. It was just as well we stayed home as both of us have been washed out all day. 

We did yoga and ate breakfast, and that was the busy part of the day! The hammocks were hung and one of us read for 2 hours, the other slept. I never sleep in the day unless I'm really poorly... The insects were active but the summer is advanced and my reactions to the bites is minimal now. When the guest arrived home after a strenuous walk and scramble they all had a lie down before dinner!

We had pizza from the local place down the road 5 kilometres or so, and I made a fresh salad to go with it. Ice cream to follow and we tried a couple of home made beers, some their brew, some ours. It's 10 and still 20 degrees so it feels like summer has returned. And now the washing up is done, the table is cleared and the windows are closed against the night air, it's time for bed!

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