After breakfast we drove to Richmond. Parked at Ham house and walked into Richmond  we stopped for coffee and a lovely cafe   By now we both need the loo we had passed some by they were closed so we thought the ones at the cafe would be open but no. So we walked into the town looking for loos   We asked somebody and they told us that a shop in the high street had soon. So we went there. 
Got some sandwiches and sat by the river. Me B wanted an ice cream I said wait until we get back to the car park there was a ice cream van there. So we walked back to the car park. But the ice cream van had gone.  Plus they had put a high restrictions barrier across. I was a bit worried we wouldn’t get the van out. ( It was open when we drove in. ). Any way we did get out ok. Got back to the campsite  had a cup of tea and then went for a walk to the petrol station to get an ice cream then sat down by the river.   Had a another BBQ tonight. 

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