Weather Triptych: Not Quite Accurate...!

I'm usually quite impressed with the weather forecasts provided by the Met Office on their app - at least for the ensuing 24 hours. Not so this morning! I think the forecasters had omitted to look out of the window (I wonder if they ever do that? - or do they have webcams around the country I wonder?).

As you can see, the forecast for 8am was "<5% rain, light cloud and sunny intervals". I'm not sure whether "8am" means for 60 minutes straddling 8am (ie 7.30-8.30) or 8-9am but as you can see it did say "Now" at 8.48 so maybe they mean 8-9am. Anyway, it poured with rain from at least 7.30 to 9.30. So they definitely got it wrong this morning and my umbrella was required on my pre-breakfast walk to the paper shop (left side of triptych). And when I lifted the cover I saw that water was pouring down the drainpipe into our water butt.

(Another interesting point: The forecasts on the Met Office app and on their website are often a little different. Intriguing!)

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