simple moments

By simplemoments



blending into the - side of a mountain - munching on a late - afternoon lunch with their - little ones, one - of whom you can - plainly see, while the other - is hiding out behind - either mama or papa - to be honest - i’ve no idea how to - tell the difference between - genders with these animals - and i truly don’t care - i was simply so - excited during our - outing to see - these precious beasts - that’s all that really mattered

additionally, we discovered - a bald eagles nest - with mama perched - on a limb underneath the nest - attempting to lure - the final baby out - to fledge and it did - successfully manage to have - it hop onto - a branch right - below the nest - then it got scared and just stopped - wouldn’t budge any further - would only cry out

i was too far away - but to get crap photos - without a great zoom lens - so you can only trust - me when i tell you - it was one of the highlights - of my life to witness - such precious interaction - with wildlife in the mountains - if not for private property - you would have a photo - up close and personal - but regardless we can - still lay claim to...


happy day.....

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