By AFoolOnTheHill

Keep On Running

This morning I jogged to the newspaper shop, don't usually buy a paper on a Sunday (normally Saturday only) but there was an article I particularly wanted to read. After my blip yesterday, just wanted to clarify I'm not for the Knackers Yard yet, my extra blip is my stats, you'll not be surprised to hear I do not perform Usain Bolt's signature celebration at the end of my run.

My album of the day is "Build A Rocket Boys" by Elbow. It's strange what makes you dig out an album, just saw Elbow at Glastonbury in 2011 on television, and Guy Garvey is currently appearing on Peter Kay's Car Share. No anthems like "One Day Like This" but a bunch of great songs and musicians (especially the drummer) that you can listen to for years to come.

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