Ristosan's Journal

By ristosan

Night Of The Wolf

by Uriah Heep

My wife's friend had told her of the wolf family that she had seen when getting hay from a field an hour's drive from our cottage, especially around dawn. So we woke up at 01:30 and at 2:00 were ready to drive. This shot was taken at 2:15 when the morning sky showed first signs of the dawn. After some wayfinding problems we found the field at 3:15, first meeting three big elks on the field. We parked our car in the middle of the field, opened the windows (+13C outside) and started to wait.

The mist was getting thicker all the time, and was about at its thickest at around 5:00 half an hour after the sunrise, when we saw two creatures approaching. The visibility was perhaps 80 m, but we could see that they were deer. Suddenly the one behind looked back and started to jump in panic (see extra). Too bad that the camera's focus did not work in the heavy mist and the focus had somehow moved to eternity so the shot is not good, but the awesome jump can be seen. Perhaps 10 seconds later another dark figure came to view - a wolf. It decided to cross the road in front of us, and moved to the other side of the car where I couldn't take a shot although MrJarSalo did. Then it disappeared into the mist. After perhaps 2 hours the mist finally evaporated and the two deer returned. We did not get a decent view of the wolf and its family. Such rotten luck to pick the mistiest night/morning of the summer to try to see the wolf. Well we did see the wolf, and this was my first time ever, outside a zoo, but I would have liked a decent photo of it.

After an hour's sleep and brekfast, we drove to see my mum. Still weak but a bit more hope also in her.

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