Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

Another dozy day

Or relaxing day, or restorative day, or ultimately a bit boring day. Still not 100% and now getting a bit fed up of it.

Things that happened today:
meditation and accompanying work
yoga with Keith
weeding (slight)
watering (fair amount)
drinking coffee (once)
read the newspaper, mostly about the situation in Portland
felt worried, wondered if it will be the same fate in the UK
drew similarities between the two so-called leaders, worried some more

walked down to the little lake, counted a lot of wild flowers
saw cows out (finally) in the newly fenced field, they watched us
water temperature 23 degrees
drinking cold things as it was massively sticky and close (lots)
lounging in the hammock
reading in the hammock (not much)
laughing out loud reading Bill Bryson's The Thunderbolt Kid
being bitten by mozzies and ultimately driven indoors

trying to find a way to transport future visitors from Stockholm airport to us in the frozen north
discovering huge prices, few choices and much frustration
no planes, no busses, some trains, all expensive
having another think, and working out a better option, perhaps
eating crisps (what!?!)

refusing a glass of Keith's home brewed stout (obviously not myself)
planning a dinner of cereals and milk (see above)
feeling chilly after a thoroughly soggy day of heat and little wind
enjoying the evening breeze straight up from the sea
wondering if the visitors will enjoy their second barbecue in two days
feeling sure this is the case
providing ketchup and aforementioned stout
encouraging the digging up of growing things to take home to the south
and the taking of cuttings

I feel very glad that nothing was expected of me today, as nothing much got done. I do feel better than before, this is mostly malingering & I will perk up eventually I guess. Keith is in a similar state... Very dull being so lacking in energy, but I know how grateful I will feel when I get my bounce back properly!

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