Coming in to land

Today we visited Portmoak, the Scottish Gliding centre, where we spent many happy weekends gliding when we first moved to Scotland.
But we could only stand at the entrance and stare. All visitors, unless given prior permission, refused entry because of corvid-19.(see  extra pix.)
So we drove on to the Loch Leven nature reserve. This was mobbed. No restrictions there. So we left.
An harassed waitress tried to tell customers they would have to leave their phone numbers and she would ring when a table became available.
Oh yes I forgot to mention, this is the first weekend in Scotland with more venues open and there was a lot of palaver in this household getting ready to go out what with masks, hand sanitisers, paper towels and soap. Oh and our own picnic.
We passed several churches all with full carparks even though its afternoon.

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