By Ingeborg

Black-eyed Susan flowers and buds

These are such hectic days, two more days left to get the other house all sorted. I had washed two eiderdowns  and put them to dry out in our garden before we left for the other house. By the time we got back (having also cooked and dined there to try out if all new appliances work - they do!-) it was raining, so the first thing I did on arrival was store the now wet again eiderdowns and pillow in the greenhouse. See extra. If you're wondering what the sewing machine is doing out in the rain, I'm stll have to make curtains for the nursery and had cleaned the sewing machine and installed it , was just changing the threads when it gave an enormous bang and smoke came from all sides. Hurried outside with it in case it would burst into flames and that's why it's there. Now I need a new sewing machine :-( Anyway, tonight I also dashed into the front garden to capture the first of the black-eyed susan flowers and buds all refreshed by the rain.

Thanks so much for all the colourful AT entries last week. I've quickly looked them through tonight, sorry for the lack of extra comments. This coming Thursday the optional theme is 'patterns' and the tag will be AT265

The specials of last Thursday:

Thanks very much for the kind comments and stars for yesterday's Blip, we do have a great neighbourhood !

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