And now the kick-boards

Marlane really is doing an amazing job of painting everything 'Hornblower' blue with that Frenchic paint.
To be fair, it's not everything. The dining room is looking lovely and I'll blip that soon.
For the past couple of days it's been the kickboards in the Kitchen. I managed to remove them, not easy! Cleaned them up and a light sand as they are a high shine finish.
She's been painting them, this really needs a woman,s gentle painting touch rather than my usual 'Lets see if we get this done in one coat' lathering it on!
As she says, it's like painting with a dry brush, very light coats about 2 hours (I think it was) apart. And then there is the finishing coat which is a clear gloss, but not very shiny.
As a taster I've put one of the chairs as an extra. Yes, she recovered the seats too.

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