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By HarlingDarling

Extremely humid at 85%

Blah! This is the pits, weather-wise. Not my sort of weather. Raining gently off and on but sticky all day long and only 20 degrees - but the sweat is pouring out of my head! I am a troll! Give me the glaciers!!

Anyhow, the guests drove off before 11as planned - well done for sticking to the plan, and cleaning the red house completely before leaving (as is the Swedish standard)! The washing was done and hung out (briefly, futilely) and the second lot never left the wash room as I had learnt what sort of games the weather gods were up to today.

It's been an indoor day and I have been creating things in fabric. I only took one picture and it hasn't even got the bag that took me two hours and m ore to sew! However, you can see the two masks, one for Rose (with roses on it, I liked that) and another much simpler one to try out a new pattern (not as good but very fast if we need a gross of them by tomorrow). The rather faded bag on the wall was made by hand by my Mum, very delicately done, very carefully stitched. 

The photo of us was taken almost exactly 12 years ago when sister Kathryn was married to Julian, their anniversary is on the 27th, as is niece Grace's birthday. Still faffing with trains and times, but it is looking like it will work... which will mean receiving the first long distance, international visitors for a very long time. 

On the ironing board/table is a lot of handy stuff, such as dyed lace from the 20's and tapes and iron on tape. I use the iron instead of a lot of pinning and tacking (I hardly ever tack anything) and it was really satisfying to be making something. Now it is evening I have realised that I (once again)  made a container, a bag. I almost always do that when I'm recovering from bugs, I make bags or boxes. What is that all about? (answers on a post card)

Keith made Ratatouille and rice for dinner and we are blipping before flopping on the sofa and watching the last two episodes of series three of Killing Eve. We are obviously better than we have been, but the day did not include any forced marches or hard training. Yoga was very gently completed, lots of deep breathing and no unnecessarily  energetic moves. Pacing ourselves so there is bounce left for eating chocolate or crisps enjoying a nice crunchy carrot.

The latest news on the UK/Swedish vaccine that is being developed is looking promising. It will be a vital step in this pandemic, and in getting it under control all over the world. I'm glad there are so many teams working on it, and that the profit motive seems to have been reined in at least, if not removed completely. 

I offer you an article from a bygone era: here
'Unflinching humanity' – how photographer Paul Fusco united an America in pain". There are some stunning photographs and a link to a wonderfully moving series of photographs taken from the train carrying Bobby Kennedy's body was being transported from New York to Washington.

What struck me most was the presence and the humanity of the photographer, and the innocence of the time. Can't help but compare to the rushing about of today, the lack of real focus and the jaded eye we turn on all that flashes before us - if we don't stay sharp!

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