Lost in Thought

By steveng

A restful/relaxing spot with a twist (MM339)

This lichen encrusted bench sits in the garden of one of Gill's art group members.  It is  a large garden and has many interesting features for an artist or photographer, old metal worker's vices, curving paths, various seating areas, a vegetable garden, archways, and a V-bomber!  Seriously, the garden is next to Wellesbourne airfield, and just over the fence is XM655, a Vulcan B2 from 1964.   I'm thinking we should organise a photo club visit to both as the contrast between the restful, relaxed garden and Armageddon should make for some interesting images :-)

Tagged for derelict Sunday too, not sure I would risk sitting on it!

Thanks to 60plus for hosting Mono Monday.

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