By iaint

Tang Mo

Monday seemed to be quite painless. How did that happen?

I guess my theory from last week may be right - now that the local electorate has pubs, cafes, shops and restaurants to keep them amused - they are less inclined to complain to us. 

Some of the things we were getting from them at the start of the month were just ridiculous, but a symptom of lockdown fever.

I was in the Office in the afternoon - it is still shut to the public, and only one person is there at a time. 

A highlight of the day was one of our regular visitors trying to force open the locked door, then insisting I should go out and talk to him in the street and finally shouting at me through the window. It keeps things interesting.   

Another highlight was Junior coming to see me - good to catch up and nice of him to bring me a food parcel. Water melon was part of it. 

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