Relaxed/Relaxing... Grant Park Beach this afternoon. 
Tom had lab work drawn at the clinic, and after that we headed to the beach so I could take some shots of people relaxing on the sand or in the water. This man and his two children caught my eye, as the little boy was running & jumping all over in the water while his sister kept fiddling with her goggles. I don't think she was all that enthused about going in the water. Can't say as I blame her, as the water was really cold! Lots of dragonflies and butterflies around, and definitely lots more people than normal. I stayed way to the South of everyone and took my pictures from the empty observation platform. When I was finished, we started heading home when Tom's phone rang. It was the clinic, calling to say his platelets were low & we needed to come back so he could be transfused with a unit of them, so I turned around & drove back. The doctor called while the platelets were infusing to give us the results of the bone marrow biopsy, which were much better than we'd expected. The "bad" cells are way down, so Tom gets two weeks off of the pill and the chemo, which will give his body some time to get stronger before he needs to start the next round. Great news! Thank you to 60Plus for hosting MonoMondays this month. :))

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