Old Stomping Grounds

I am often awake very early and sometimes out of bed before 6am. But it’s not very often I go for a morning walk even though I love it when I push myself. So it was a very rare event that I was out the door just after 6 this morning. I went on a favourite walk but this time I did a much bigger loop and explored some paths I’ve not walked along in a very long time. Many many years ago I lived in a house at the bottom of this avenue of trees. I would sometimes walk up the hill and stand here and look down. It’s probably almost 40 years ago that I stood in this exact spot!  

See the Extra photo for some other views from my long walk. I came across some very curious cows who were a little scary, to be honest. A man had just run through the field with his dog who wasn’t on a lead, which is a pretty stupid thing to do. The cows let me pass, but they made it clear their eyes were on me!! The field with the view (bottom right) is right behind where I was standing for the main picture. Reading can just be seen in the distance. I also picked my first blackberries of the season there. Not very sweet!

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