By USAHIhifriends


Drove the coast road home today and found a number of red-tailed tropicbirds soaring along the cliffs.    Heard their cries when I got out of the car.   Did not notice right away but soon saw a fledgling nested in plain sight under an overhanging rock, about 5-ft away - so easy to spot.  Quickly realized that Momma wanted to visit this nest.  The bird in the photo is looking at its chick in a nest lower down the cliff and made continued passes trying to land.   Quickly left and the bird flew in.  Officials should close that pullout to cars for the duration, but fishermen as well as tourists use it daily.   They must be hoping that by not calling attention to it, it will be safe.   The nest was used last year too as I recall.

I've been MIA - just too much going on.    Will backblip what I have.   Don't like using the phone and no decision yet on camera.   May continue the break   . . .         Turning comments off , thank you.

Take care, everyone.

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