By wingpig


After a morning trip to Screwfix and Toolstation for some weed fabric and ground staples, we discovered that one of the bags of bark chips at the end of the garden was effectively mulch and the other had a small raft of ferns growing at the top, with the roots matting the entire bag into a single mass. It was therefore necessary to visit B&Q with Campbell and his discount card for eight big bags of bark chips, six of which are now arranged around the front grass with the remaining two in one of the sheds to make it slightly harder for them to turn into ferns by the time they're required for replenishment.
The wasps appeared to have not made it through the night, though a couple were still twitching a little on the shelf under the nest.
On the way back up we stopped at Prestwick beach to chat with half the Glasgow and Prestwick people, until the kids wandered off towards the sea and I had to drift after them to lifeguard. The rain started to come in but it made little difference to people already soaked up to their armpits. By the time we set off again it would be nearly suppertime by the time we got home, so chips and a kebab were ordered as we hit the bypass.

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