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By HarlingDarling

More bags

Slept well, woke more refreshed and like myself than yesterday, and had a relaxed and slow day anyhow! The focus was sewing and making things. The tulip bag made from a tapestry embroidery someone else had done and framed. A very tall thin thing. It is now a little bag and will be appreciated more in that state than in a frame! The bag with the turquoise background was done the other day, in a free-fall sort of process of starting and not knowing where it would end. 

The hanging bag with tulips was done ages ago, I love the pattern and it is so nicely stitched, I'm sure I blipped it when I sewed it. The brown one is my knitted Autumn bag, working in various shetland stitches and having fun. It is a very creative way to spend time - not least when feeling a bit soppy. The rather odd little bag in the middle, with white lace, is yesterday's effort, goodness knows what that was all about! I expect they will all find homes in time! The glorious printed velvet material hanging on the left is a dress from the 60s that was torn and tired - it's now a sleeveless tunic that I will love to wear! (I have enough scraps for a bag or two as well!)

Keith baked bread which was lovely, the smell alone is worth the effort. Left-overs for tea I think, with some fresh bread - the very lap of effortless luxury! We just made ourselves go out for a walk in the evening sun, very quiet and not as humid as it has been, the readings have been dropping all day and are now at 72%. The grass has been "marshmallowed", the fields are looking tidy, the hedgerows are full of flowers and insects and the air is clearing beautifully now the cold front has moved off.

I briefly contemplated a trip to town this afternoon but the urge quickly wore off - and now its half seven I feel ready for a lie down! Much more energy today, yoga was quite demanding and I managed almost all of the moves. More of The Thunderbolt Kid this evening I think. We saw the last two episodes of Killing Eve last night, very very good, but I'm also glad it's over! A fabulously well made production but there was plenty of sitting on the edge of your seat... It was worth seeing just for the fabulous clothes one of the main characters, Villanelle wears.

Portland Oregon, what a nightmare. Selling off the NHS to Trump and co, another nightmare. The EU has agreed some sort of budget, some sort of rescue plan for countries badly hit by covid-19 - but apparently not done in the usual spirit of openness that Sweden's parliament is used to. That story will continue I guess. And there was apparently no government interest at all in investigating the Russian influence on the Brexit vote, or the latest election in the UK. The squashed report was finally released  (in part) today. Russia says they didn't do nuffin' gov. So that's all right then.

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