By Happyme

Rescue mission!

My mission today was to clear the persistent weeds from the herb garden! The inset photo is the end result. 
I planted some herb seeds a few weeks ago in this little bed outside the back door. Before the poor things could get established the nasty weeds took over. I was hoping the herbs would grow more so I could more easily remove said weeds. Unfortunately this didn't happen and so today I was determined to try and find the herbs! It took about three hours painstakingly lift clumps of earth to de-weed and then return the tiny plants! Beneath the tangle I found parsley, oregano, thyme and sage. Unfortunately the rosemary has not materialised! The large sage bush, I bought at the greengrocers, and the garlic were tough enough to fight through! 
After all that weeding, and realising how much nicer it looked, I spent the rest of the day clearing nettles, docks and many more undesirables from a few other areas. 
My knees are telling me I should have stopped at the herb bed!
Tomorrow I'm going to make the most of the comfrey that has grown like mad down by the fruit cage, to make liquid fertiliser. It smells foul but does a great and free job. 
If it's not raining too much I'll pick the rest of the black currants, redcurrants and some gooseberries.

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