There is always something interesting to see on our walks at Long Marine Lab, part of the UCSC campus. I'm not sure what this guy is up to, but there has been an enormous crane on the property for several weeks and we've been speculating about its function. Today we saw it in action, lowering a diver in the red metal cage from the top of the cliff. That rickety platform acts as a landing dock. The cove he's in is at the base of an intricate cooling system that serves the aquarium and tanks, so I'm guessing they are working on it from the bottom up. Lots of trucks and workers and heavy equipment in the parking lot, but nobody to ask.

As we pass by the open fields on the way to the ocean cliffs, there are always rabbits feeding in the early morning. Hippety-hop, they don't stay put for long. I was trying to get this one as he washed his sweet face, but he turned, gave me The Look, and zipped off into the shrubbery. 

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