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A week ago, I said in my blip "I don't seem to be able to catch up here or anywhere else..."

That's a hundredfold more true now.

On Monday afternoon, we adopted this four-year-old West Highland White Terrier from the Whatcom Humane Society. We'd seen him online and then met him in person on July 16, and had some time with him in the "get acquainted room." Despite being one of about 15 small dogs rescued from a hoarding situation where they lived in their own filth, and a month of rehabilitation, it was clear that he had the potential to be a good companion.

We brought Hamish home on Monday afternoon, after his neutering surgery and medical attention to his teeth and ears. I took the extra photo in sun and shadow that afternoon, and the other extra photo the following day -- he was already starting to look more engaged.

The main photo shows the bond already developing between Hamish and Phil on his second full day with us. In our cul-de-sac, five of the eight families have a dog and a sixth is waiting for a puppy to be born. This is a very dog-friendly area! Hamish adores our walks in the neighborhood, and has a small dog friend, Roscoe, next door.

Today Hamish saw his first deer, a young buck and a doe, in a neighbor's yard, and yesterday several rabbits, which are ubiquitous here. He walks nicely on a leash/lead, and I enjoy seeing his delight in these new surroundings.

House-training is a challenge because of the wretched conditions Hamish lived in for four years and his late neutering. We've fenced off the entry hall and kitchen, which have tile floors that are easy to clean, and we're learning his signals for needing to go outside. I'm spending more time in the kitchen than ever before, but it's focused on Hamish for now. Thanks to Phil, Hamish is speaking up for himself here and following.

I still want to get back to being a more engaged member here, but it may not be possible for a while...  

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