Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

Late night portrait

back from two-day trip
so good to have her with me
projects and laughter

In other news, I had my appointment with the nutritionist. I am determined to lose the weight I put on these past few years, so as to be lighter on my feet, legs, and back.

I had listed everything I ate in the eight days before the appointment, as requested. Turns out I don't eat enough proteins. Also the impedance test I took showed that I am rather dehydrated, and I have to drink much more water than I have been doing. I was really reenergised when I got out of the doc's office! I have to say I'm not going to starve: the first dinner I had, following the doc's recommendations, consisted of two eggs (sunny side up), green beans, a slice of bread, fromage blanc and a banana. And water. :-D

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