By suehutton

Storytelling for William

George rang shortly after lunch to say that he and Kat had had Covid-19 tests which had come back negative. William was to be away overnight at his other Grandma's and Kat would be going to work a night shift. He thought it would be a super opportunity for us to pop over and give him a hug. So we did.

It was also a super opportunity for me to record The Tiger Who Came to Tea for William. Then it was the turn of Stick-Man.

Len and I both received our birthday presents which included two big bags of chocolate M&Ms, which I love. M&Ms kept me going in Hong Kong where it was very difficult to find gluten free food.

We left just before they were about to sit down to supper and travelled home over the Forest. A long time since we've been able to do that.

Len had lasagne for his tea, I made myself some chicken tikka masala curry. Delicious. Enough left over for both Len and me tomorrow evening.

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