By littlemissquirk


A day of two halves
Woke to rain so my dreams of cute summer outfit for first up the toon toon visit went out the window. Coat? What’s that again
MLD then hopped on the spooky train, bemasked. Fell asleep
Woke up like a zombie at Waverley and wandered along the ghost town that is George Street. It was weird! Spent my birthday vouchers merrily in the empty shops then using another Christmas voucher lunch at Chaophyra. Wowser! The taste of food that I didn’t cook! Every mouthful was just so good. Flavours!
More dawdling in shops, forgotten how to browse.
Back in the train , fell asleep, nearly missed my stop
Home by 4, fell asleep woke up at 7!?!??
Too nice a night so after quickly getting a cake in the oven headed off to chase the sunset. Haute cuisine dinner was chips on North Berwick beach watching this belter of a view change minute to minute.
Makes you glad to be alive :)

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