Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess


In St Andrew Square at the east end of the Georgian New Town in Edinburgh. AH and I met up for coffee after she had her hair cut (boom time for hairdressers at the moment - provided they’ve survived lockdown of course) and we opted for an outside table at Tigerlily on George Street. The people on the next table smoked - a downside of being outdoors - but there was a bit of a breeze which took the smoke away without really bothering us.

I then went to Lakeland to take some faulty scales back - the on-off button was stuck at on - and got a replacement, so hope they will be better. I then went to John Lewis to ask about a new iPhone I'd bought early in lockdown but hadn't set it up until yesterday and the sound was bad. However, it transpired that the plastic covering on the front of the phone was causing the problem. I felt a bit of a nincompoop, but they were very nice about it and it was a relief that I wouldn't have to start again with a new phone! (Although it more or less set itself up next to my current phone.) No queue at Lakeland and only a small one at John Lewis.

I went by bus this time, not wanting to pay a fortune on parking, and the journey in was fine, not too many people on the bus, but going home again it was a different story with a crowded bus and some rowdy-sounding people upstairs. There seems to be an anti-social element in Edinburgh at the moment with masses of litter being left in public places, and I think the rowdy passengers were probably part of that. Certainly not everyone on the bus was wearing a mask although it's been compulsory for over a month now. I know there are some exemptions, but some of the culprits looked hale and hearty enough to me.

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