By DonnaWanna

Silly and Desperate Desk Doodling

Another desperate Saturday night search for something to Blip. I’ve been painting and drawing on rocks for a while now as a bit of comic relief. Most are weird but this little face is so wistful and stares at me that I feel I must keep it around for some reason ;o) 

Suitable for a Silly Saturday tribute to admirer xxx

Its been a crazy day of course, had to go early to buy a new stove as ours had given up the ghost early in the week and today was the first chance to do something about it. Looked online first and most places are totally out of stock so after much searching it looked like a shop in the same street had some reasonable ones, whew I thought, lifesaver!  Turned out they had sold out and would have to order one in and it would take about 3 weeks, possibly more, eeeeek!  Ah well better late than never! 

Then Julian arrived and off we went for our usual fun day. Also stayed for dinner at his place after we had a big afternoon tea with G earlier on. I’m so full I am ready to burst!! 

Finally I’m home and have had a look at the minimal shots taken throughout the day and there’s nothing of interest there so its down to poor little Rock Face! : ).  I must go to bed and will catch up with you all tomorrow, ah wonderful Sunday come to meeeeee!!!! Lol

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