Pigeons and Tits

One to go with 'Cowgirls' T Shirt she was wearing the other day, but different good cause.
There's a young pigeon, not yet got it's white bars on the wings or white collar. A Coal Tit helping itself to the sunflower seed hearts and a Biker Tit too.
We are in the second day in compulsory wearing of face masks in Shops and take-aways, not necessary in pubs and restaurants, unless going in to pick up a take-away.
Marlane made the plain blue face-masks out of all the proper materials but I thought I'd brighten mine up by advertising the BBRF, British Biker Relief Foundation. It costs £10.00 a year to be a member but you don't have to join to benefit from their generous assistance to bikers and their families to help them with costs after a serious biking accident.

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