Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Of rain, green things and ... triffids?

We seem to have left summer behind just now - sure, it's mild, but there's not been much sun and April's amazing weather seems a long time ago. The predominant colour in the countryside is green - yesterday's blip was of the soft greens of the hillsides under a grey sky; today's is of the bright greens of horse chestnuts and birches over the gleam of the River Massan in a brief sunny moment this afternoon before the next shower poured its way down the glen.

And we're on the brink of cancelling - or at least postponing - yet another attempt at a foreign holiday. Our Italian walking holiday, already rescheduled from May, now looks like being a no-go because not enough people have chosen to go, despite the company announcing that it's viable again. As they wouldn't necessarily be able to tell us much in advance of the departure date, we've decided not to risk losing out on a chance of a holiday and instead have booked a return visit to a rather splendid hotel on my favourite island, just down the Firth of Clyde. I could have done with some foreign sun, though ...

Nothing much happened today, beyond a rather useless political argument with my pal. It's dispiriting to hear the same old tropes trundled out with scant regard for accuracy or relevance, especially in the mouth of someone with whom one shares so much. I'm beginning to despair of seeing either of my political dreams realised in my lifetime.

I've felt so tired all day - perhaps as an aftermath of everything that's been going on - that I need to stop now and get to bed at a reasonable hour. But first I need to think of a title for this blip ...

Oh: I remember I thought I'd add a photo I took out of our back window at 1am today. It was pouring with rain; the cloud was right down over the town. And yet the sky to the south was brightly lit - as if a massive stadium had its floodlights on and the clouds were reflecting the light. Dunoon has a stadium; I'm not sure about floodlights - but it's in the opposite direction. I thought maybe Martians... or triffids ...

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