Happy Birthday Jae part 2

Brian and I decided to get the weekly shop out of the way early as we had vouchers for £4 off and double points which expired today. Remind me NEVER to do a big Tesco shop on a Sunday ever again!! It was crazy in there - so many people bustling around. It was exceptionally hot and hard to breathe with the mask on. I was glad when we finally got it all home and put away.

After lunch we headed over to Jeri's - Jae came along too after his Sunday kickabout with mates. Jeri had been baking again, producing this beautiful Vegan chocolate birthday cake for him. It was as delicious as it looks, and every bit as good as a cake made with animal products. she also made a gingerbread cake and a whisky ring cake - see extra!

Almost forgot! Through Brian's work we had been taking part in a Super 6 football prediction league. We all paid an entry fee and the winner got £30 and a tenner went to the runner up! Well the season ended today - and...I WON!!! Brian was runner-up!!

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