Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

A holiday-day

I decided we needed one. So we had one,there was not a lot of opposition. We needed fruit and milk, part of our staple diet, so a bit of potentially dangerous shopping happened. Very quiet and I was able to avoid anyone heading for me, my trolley is my shield!.

We had a birthday present to deliver to our God-daughter Mira who was 15 last week and took her moped license a few days later. You can see her and her Dad setting off on a little trip together in the extra. Very good to sit on their new deck and shoot the breeze. She seemed pleased with her presents which were Russian painted bowls and a spoon, all made of wood and all rich with gold. (I often find them when trawling the second hand shops, I suppose people buy them as souvenirs and then get rid of them when they don't fit their home decor) It's the second time we have given her this sort of thing and she seemed thrilled to get more. Money also changed hands, very handy!

After socialising we went off in search of aluminium posts in the ground, with codes on them. Keith has a map with all these posts marked out, and he often goes out hunting on his own. There is a certain amount of going round in circles and, oddly, he finds company gets fed up with it. Anyway, it all went very smoothly today and we found a lovely place we didn't know was there into the bargain. Which is half the  point of the maps and posts - to get citizens moving, and to discover their home area. I loved these ginormous rocks! The sea mist was rolling in as we arrived on the coast, and was there all the time we were walking which made for a damp time. Just 500 metres from the coast it was brilliant sunshine.

More shopping happened on the way home as I was trying to get hold of matt varnish/Danish wax. No luck there. Our Co-op has shrunk and they no longer sell decorating stuff. We were both tired by this stage so Keith has downed a shop-bought barbecued chicken and some bread, I have eaten a lot of raw vegetables and some falafal. I love cabbage, it has overtaken carrots as my favourite raw veg. A scratch meal, the sort we do a lot of in summer.

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