Beach Walker

Another simply superb day - this last week has been so spring like, but there is a way to go yet.  Feel sure there will be some rough stuff to come.
Our Monday afternoon group went to the beach this is Clare in an old wedding dress walking the beach.  
The idea was to use slow shutter speeds and get blurred figures.  Easier said than done, with bright sunshine I never really managed to get just what I was hoping. However, this one I did like - managed a slow shutter and its turned out looking painterly and textured.  I've done no processing other than cropped and colour adjustment. 
After this I put on the same wedding dress and (tried) to run the beach and do twirls for the ladies to photograph - dress and me got very wet but it was such a lot of fun.
We then showed our set topic of "bright colours" while enjoying warm refreshments.  
Great afternoon and thankfully my hay fever had left me.


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