Day 126 The gatekeeper

Today the weather was better with just a couple of showers.  During one of the sunny intervals I went into the garden to find something to photograph and was delighted that this gatekeeper butterfly was willing to pose on the buddleia. For over a minute he turn and opened and closed his wings giving me the chance for lots of shots but none of them very close.  As soon as I moved a little nearer, off he flew.

In other news:  people holidaying in Spain have been dismayed to learn that they will have to quarantine for 14 days when they return home.  Being given just a few hours notice has angered many as has the illogicality of the Foreign Office advising against travel to mainland Spain but not the Canary islands or Balearic Islands, although the quarantining applies to all locations.  
We are also now being encouraged to lose weight as we are a nation of fatties apparently (hands up here as I'm guilty) and obesity is now considered a particular danger factor if you contract Covid-19.  GPs are to be urged to prescribe cycling  as part of the campaign.  Hmm. think they'd have to completely redesign the roads and flatten out the hills before I'd consider getting on a (3 wheeler)bike!

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