If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

WW1 Sapper's Saw

In our shed clear out there were a good number of old rusty tools which clearly had to go.  Fortunately we know a man who deals in old tools, not that I thought he would be able to use them in his business.   I thought if he took them away anything useful he could use and dump the rest.  He explained that anything not viable for the UK was passed on to a charity who renovated tools and sent them to Africa.  Even things which couldn't be repaired were valuable to them as periodically they sold their scrap.  This then bought things such as hacksaw blades (there is no point sending a hacksaw with no blades) and wood saws (it seems modern saws can't be resharpened like we used to do).

Katkatkat having spent 4 months in a third floor flat sent all day outdoors, sheltering in the marquee watching the rain if there was a shower.  Fortunately the afternoon was dry so lunch was another BBQ, she is rather addicted to them, when she gets the chance, which isn't often.  The Mate was invited to this one so another good Social (ly distanced) time was spent.

Nearly forgot the blip again.  This was one of the rusty tools.   A saw supplied to WW1 sappers so that things could be cut without "putting your head above the parapet".   The forerunner of the modern "wire saw" sometimes called "Commando saws".   

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