By isbi

MonoMonday: Restricted

We have been staying at Blackheath over the weekend as Helen had some friends visiting the farm for their annual "Christmas in July" get together.
Mr isbi and I both had haircuts and he had his first (and last I hope) beard trim. I also did a big shop and it was getting late when we headed back to the farm.
We worried we would be restricted from getting there as the creek is up. Mr isbi declared it borderline but as it was also flowing pretty fast he decided it wasn't safe to cross. We thought we would have to return to Blackheath but we went around the back way and managed to cross where the water was deeper but not flowing as fast.
So here we are and it's still raining steadily but I don't mind if we are trapped for a day or so, not that the water stays up that long.
Thanks 60plus for some good July themes.

PS. Back in January the water was up to the 2 metre mark on on the pole here. I only saw a picture of it and find it hard to believe.

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